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Why Choose us for your MOT test or Car service?

At Boarhunt, we understand the importance of regular car maintenance. Our fully-equipped and qualified team is dedicated to taking care of your vehicle with precision and care. Here’s what sets us apart:

Skilled Technicians: Our trained technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues quickly, ensuring efficient and accurate solutions.

12-Month Warranty: Rest easy knowing our work is covered by a 12-month Parts & Labour Warranty. We stand behind our service, providing you with confidence in every repair.

Genuine Quality Parts: We only use genuine, high-quality parts to keep your vehicle fully compliant with its warranty, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Comprehensive Services: From brakes to suspension, gearbox to clutches, diesel and petrol engines to electrical systems, and even tire supply and fitting – we’ve got it all covered under one roof!

Fast and Efficient Service: Our fully trained staff ensures a speedy and competitive service, fixing your car right the first time, every time.

Your Satisfaction Matters: Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We want you to use our services again and recommend us to everyone you know. Your trust is our greatest reward!

All Makes and Models: Whether you drive a new model or a classic, we cater to cars of all makes and ages. No matter what you’re driving, we’ve got you covered. 


What exactly is a car service? Car service checklist.


A car service is a regular maintenance process carried out on a vehicle to guarantee its durability, safety, and correct operation. It includes examining all of the car’s parts, changing out fluids and parts as needed, and taking care of any concerns or possible faults.

Typical items on a car service checklist can be:

  1. Engine oil replacement
  2. Change the oil filter
  3. other fluids (coolant, brake, gearbox, etc.) checking and replenishing
  4. Examining and perhaps changing the air filter
  5. Examining and perhaps changing the fuel filter
  6. Verifying and modifying the tyre pressure
  7. Rotating or replacing tyres as needed
  8. Brake inspection, includes brake fluid, rotors, and pads
  9. examining the terminals and state of the battery
  10. Examining the lights, including the brake, tail, and headlights
  11. Examination of the steering and suspension parts
  12. inspecting the washer fluid and windscreen wipers
  13. Testing the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  14. Checking for wear and tear on belts and hoses
  15. looking for any leaks or strange sounds

The exact list may be different depending on the type and brand of car, as well as how often the service company or owner’s manual says the car should be serviced. Following the recommended maintenance plan is very important to keep the car in great shape and protect it from future problems or safety risks.


Is Car Servicing Worth it?

Yes, car servicing is generally worth it for several reasons:

Safety: Getting your car serviced regularly can help you find and fix possible safety problems before they become big problems on the road.

Longevity: Regular repair can make your car last longer by keeping important parts from wearing out too quickly.

Performance: Regular maintenance checks make sure that your car runs at its best, using the least amount of petrol and having the best engine performance.

Resale Value: A car that has been well taken care of usually has a higher resale value than one that has had an inconsistent service history.

Warranty Preservation: If you follow the manufacturer’s service plan, your warranty will usually still be valid, which will save you money on repairs and replacements.

Overall, getting your car serviced costs money, but the benefits in terms of safety, dependability, and long-term value usually beat the costs. It’s an investment in the long-term performance and performance of your car.


grey Mercedes in the workshop
We Provide
  • Servicing to follow manufactures schedules
  • MOTs
  • Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Engine Diagnostics and repairs
  • Diagnostics to cover every system on your car (All manufacturers covered)
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Tyre supply and fitting service
  • Courtesy vehicle available on request
Approximate Charges
  • Vehicle health check £35.00
  • Winter Check (Battery, antifreeze, tyres, levels and visual on brakes)
  • MOT test £50.00
  • Fault code read out £35.00
  • Roadside Callout (in Hours) £65 plus mileage
  • Interim Service (Example Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0 Petrol) £145.00
  • Major Service (Example Ford Mondeo 2008 2.0 Diesel) £250.00